About Me

I’m a rehearsal researcher, applied linguist, and ethnographer at the interface of spoken communication and the arts, with expertise in the field of conversations in rehearsals, performance and other artistic creative processes. In my PhD (University of Sheffield, 2006) I investigated the transition from artistic written text (scripts) into artistic spoken text and developed an approach to the analysis of spoken artistic productions—a method for researching drama processes and theatre practice. I have carried out several research projects on spoken communication and spoken text production during drama and radio-play productions, and my special field is the communication between actors and directors. I also work as a drama consultant and was Visiting Lecturer (2011-2018) on the MA Education in the Arts & Cultural Settings, DEPS, King’s College London, after having been a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Language, Discourse & Communication, DEPS, King’s College London.
I am Lecturer in German at Nottingham Trent University, UK, and have been using drama, theatre and creative writing, or elements of it, in my teaching at different universities. Email: andreaDOTmildeATntuDOTacDOTuk

Selected conferences:

I was a keynote speaker at the perfomance symposium at Sadler’s Wells, October 2014.


Selected publications:

Linguistics in drama processes (a draft from 2014, June 2019)

Spoken language & doing drama (May 2012)

Doing intracultural theatre (April 2012)

The article and audio-files for that article can also be found under: http://www.tamasha.org.uk/about/resources/

Multivoicedness and Artistic Reformulations in Directing-conversations’ (2007) (radio-play)
Multivoicedness and artistic reformulation

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